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How New Telephone Technology Saves Businesses Money

Let’s face it, those outdated copper telephone landlines that you’re running your business on are costing you money, time and sales.

They are obsolete and stagnating your business’s growth and efficiency. You’re limited to the number of lines and phones you have to make and receive phone calls on.

Worst of all, your current telephone system lacks the smart communication features needed to successfully run an efficient business such as intelligent call routing, auto-attendant, find-me-follow-me, ads on hold as well as voicemail to email.

The truth is, your brand name telecommunication companies really aren’t motivated in lowering your monthly bills. (I am sure you’ve realized this by now). It’s more than likely that you may feel stuck between a rock and a hardplace, faced with limited providers and cheap as-seen-on-tv gadgets.

The reality is that you do have another choice.

ADN Internet & Telephone has the experience and expertise to customize and install a telephone system that will lower your costs and make you and your team much more productive.

Our phone systems and service plans provide unlimited call-paths, a pool of minutes for outbound calling, unlimited inbound calling, caller ID, toll-free calling and even disaster recovery with auto-detection.

Plus you have the added benefit of Fortune 500 business telephone features such as virtual receptionist, extension dialing, conferencing, music-on-hold and many more features that will enable your business to do more.

With an ADN phone system, you can take your office on the go! Incoming calls can be routed to any phone, of any type, anywhere in the world allowing you to take your office with you wherever you go.

On top of that, there is no need to change any of your current phone numbers, ADN can port over all your existing numbers into our system to ensure business continuity and no downtime.

By now you may be thinking a new phone system like that will require an investment into new equipment. You’re right, it does! But what many business owners fail to consider is just how much you are already over-paying for your current obsolete system.

Let’s take a look at a few real-world examples from recent businesses that decided to sign up with ADN Internet & Telephone:

Example 1: Small Business

Small Business Savings ExampleThis one-location small-business was paying $227.60 for their phone and $195.00 for their internet services. Their combined $422.60 in bills limited them to 3 copper telephone lines and a very slow DSL 10×1 connection.

ADN Internet & Telephone was able to lower their phone bill to $70± per month and increase their internet bandwidth to 25×10 for $94.90±. This instantly saved the company $257.70± a month.

As I mentioned above, to get to that lower phone bill required the purchase of some new equipment. The lease payment for the equipment was $229.17± for 60 months with a dollar buyout.

When the new phone bill, lease payment and new internet bill are added together, the company was still saving $28.53± a month for the first 5 years and saves an additional $15,462.00± every five years after that.

Outside of lowering their technology infrastructure costs, this company has traded a basket of receipts for a brand new CISCO network and phone system that is chock full of all of the features that will make their team much more productive.

Example 2: Medium Business

Medium Business Savings ExampleThis two location business paid a combined $1,246.75 in monthly in phone bills. ADN Internet & Telephone was able to lower their total monthly bill for both locations to $110.00± a month.

We also upgraded both their locations internet connections from 30×5 to a 50×5 and was still able to reduce their monthly internet costs by almost $20 per month.

The savings paid for an entire new top-of-the-line network including all new wiring, digital telephones, mounted rack, server, switch, battery back-up, wifi access points and disaster recovery protection – as well as the labor to install, program and training for their entire team.

Overall, we reduced their technology infrastructure costs $1,155.76± a month, saving them $69,345.60± every five years.

Example 3: Large Business

Large Business Savings ExampleThis six location business was paying $3,518.15 a month in combined phone bills with 3 different providers. Each of their locations were serviced with old copper landlines that offered limited capabilities and offered no features.

ADN Internet & Telephone was able to lower their overall phone bill to $250± a month as well as connect all of their offices with a brand new CISCO based network.

The lease payment for 5 years on all of new equipment at all 6 locations was just $508.38±. This saved the company $2,759.77± a month for the first 5 years and $196,089.00± every following 5 years.

On top of that, their on-the-road sales agents and technicians were able to use their smartphones as virtual extensions of their office; taking and making calls from the road and receiving emails of any voice messages they missed.

As an added bonus, when the business has a question, problem or needed support, they knew exactly which company to call instead of being a participant in the blame-game by three different vendors.

The fact is, regardless of the size of your business or what industry you’re in, ADN Internet & Telephone can help save you time and money as well as make your organization much more efficient and productive.

We provide a complimentary on-site survey with an engineer as a way to introduce ourselves to you as well as gather the information we need to design a network based on your unique needs. This usually takes less than an hour to complete.

Once we have done our research, we will hand deliver our findings and recommendations and answer any question you may have. This is all 100% free and confidential!

At the end of this process, you are free to follow our recommendations, or completely ignore them. We will not hassle you.

We pride ourselves on providing highly creative solutions tailored to meet your business’s needs. Our years of experience and team of experts allow us to help you maximize your investment in technology while reducing risk and operational costs.

If you are interested in discovering if your business can benefit from the latest in digital communication technologies, please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment by calling 1-800-599-0661 and using option 1.

*Comparisons are for illustration purposes only and projected costs and savings may vary and are not guaranteed.

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