We Know Communications

Since 2011, ADN Internet & Telephone has helped businesses across New England save the two most important resources that they need to be successful; time and money.

ADN Internet & Telephone is a privately held company with a healthy balance sheet, secure assets and partnered with some of the largest communication and technology companies in the world.

Our traditional roots reach deep into the information technology industry – that’s where customers benefit from our extensive expertise of service design, development and network integration.

Over the years, our company has evolved and adapted our portfolio of products and services to be in line with new technological developments.

This ongoing practice has allowed us to offer our customers much more for less by taking advantage of the very latest in business communications.

We are privileged to now be in a position where we are able to help any sized business or organization significantly reduce costs, improve communications and re-invest in their infrastructure – usually at no extra cost.

How? Well, its all in the latest digital solutions we deploy and the army of experienced engineers and technicians that design, install, program and maintain your network.

We also put the relationships we have with companies like Time Warner, Fairpoint, Metrocast, Comcast, Oxford Networks and Charter to work for you.

When you contact ADN Internet & Telephone, we won’t stop at telling you what we can do, we’ll let you know what other telecommunication companies in your area can provide as well.

At the end of the day, we empower you to take control of your organizations voice and data infrastructure. The advice and recommendations offered through our complimentary technology audits are comprehensive, risk-free and confidential.

Who We Are

DID YOU KNOW: Over 70% of companies we consult with are paying too much for their telephone service.

We Are Local

We are your neighbors. Not only do we work with businesses across New England, we also live here.

ADN In Bangor, Maine, Who We Are

In Maine:

40 Summer Street
Bangor, Maine 04401
Toll Free: (800) 599-0661
Fax: 1-866-274-5693
Email: sales@adnmaine.com

ADN in Conway, New Hampshire, Who We Are

In New Hampshire:

53 Technology Lane
Conway, New Hampshire 03818
Toll Free: (800) 599-0661
Fax: 1-866-274-5693
Email: sales@adnnh.com

We Provide Expert Consulting

Our CISCO Certified Engineers and technicians provide forward thinking information systems consulting focused on leveraging technology to increase business performance.

Every ADN technology audit begins with a complimentary onsite survey with a CISCO Certified Engineer. They will listen to your needs, get a better understanding of your business goals and review the current state and use of technology in your organization.

Our engineers will examine not only your current systems, network and infrastructure, but also identify unique opportunities to enhance your communications, connectivity, mobility, security, compliance, disaster recovery, marketing and merchant processing.

Once we have done our research, we will hand deliver our findings and recommendations and answer any question you may have.

We pride ourselves on providing highly creative solutions tailored to meet your businesses needs. We are not married to any one service or product and will work to develop the best solution that will equip you for the present and future.

Project Management

We Provide Installation

Our trained team of installation professionals makes sure that your project is done right from the very beginning and we’re there for you until the end.

Project management is like balancing an egg on the head of a pin. Done without finesse, and you have a real mess on your hands.

The hallmark of our communications infrastructure work is an uncompromising adherence to quality of service, cosmetic appeal and functionality of our delivered projects.

ADN Internet & Telephone has managed hundreds of projects from network security & industry compliance to data recovery and 24/7 management.

We can handle as much or as little of the process as you require, and we’re experts at getting the job done without day-to-day operations grinding to a halt.

Adhering to industry best practices, the ADN team can take your project from start to finish, delivering successful outcomes on time and within budget.


We Provide 24/7 Total Management

Today’s business landscape has evolved beyond the traditional 9 to 5 work day, into an “always on” day, night, weekend model.

ADN offers worry-free solutions that provide administration, management, monitoring, reporting and service desk support for your critical IT assets including network, servers, storage and security devices, as well as your desktops.

We harness the power of the latest technology in Remote Management and Monitoring tools to ensure your businesses infrastructure stays strong and sound.

We can proactively monitor your network, server, critical devices, and services to predict potential failures before they occur as well as restart essential services automatically minimizing your network and device downtime to increase productivity.

Network Monitoring