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Outdoor LED Digital Sign for Municipal Town Fire DeptCustom outdoor signs are the most cost effective form of marketing and advertising. We are commercial sign makers working with organizations just like yours to help you get the most exposure for the least amount of money.

Not only will custom digital business signs, menu boards and video signboards help you financially, but they’ll save you time and effort when it comes to marketing and advertising your business! Your fully programmable digital sign will allow you to change your message seasonally or even daily.

We proudly serve schools, state and municipal governments, hospitals, churches and many retail businesses of all sizes including auto dealerships, jewelers, sports complexes, gas stations, cafes, restaurants, fast casual eateries, hardware stores and more, throughout Maine and New Hampshire.


40 Summer Street Bangor, Maine
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Our Premier Full Color Digital LED Display Series delivers modern custom signs with dynamic advertising impact, enhancing your image, and establishing a memorable landmark in your community.

Tell your business’s story with the quality and impact it deserves. Choose a custom LED sign and enjoy premium technology that looks and performs great, not just on day one, but for its lifetime.

Change your custom sign message any time you want. No matter whether you are promoting your dealership, advertising a restaurant, convenience store, or modernizing displays at a school or sports arena, we offer what you need in indoor and outdoor digital signs, including full color product video, gas price signs, sports video displays, and fixed-digit scoreboards. Our products deliver vibrant images, worry-free performance, quality manufacturing, and the best color uniformity in the industry.

Custom Electronic Digital Signage:

  • has a 47.7% effectiveness for commercial brand awareness.
  • creates a 31.8% increase in overall business sales volume.
  • increases the average purchase amount by 29.5%.
  • generates 32.8% growth in repeat buyers.
  • and 42% of retail video sign viewers would prefer to shop at stores that have video displays, if given the choice.

Our execution in solid engineering and remarkable quality will uphold your vision and help you drive a return on investment.

Contact us at our offices in New Hampshire or Maine at 1-800-599-0661 to see how we can help you design and manufacture a custom electronic LED digital display that will interact with and energize your target audience every day with bold colors and compelling content.

Auto Dealerships Market New Products with Digital Signage
Auto Dealerships Market Their Vehicles and New Product Lines with Digital Signage


Eye-catching full-color LED restaurant menu boards are perfect to use for branding, showcasing menu items or promotions. They can also save you time and money. Making changes to a digital sign is fast and easy when compared to the effort to make the same changes on hand-written chalk menu boards or using a ladder to reach traditional outdoor letter-board marquees. Imagine the convenience of going fully digital, especially in the cold months in Maine and New Hampshire!

Indoor LED digital menu boards:

Start capturing the imagination of your customers with a fully-digital menu board for your restaurant. Indoor LED menu board video screens and walls can increase the customers overall experience. List your entire menu in full-color, including gorgeous mouth-watering photos of your specials and other menu items. A few more options to engage with customers inside include displaying promos on seasonal items or loyalty programs, nutritional information, infotainment programs, menus and or sports programs. Indoor restaurant signage can provide a unique and positive experience that brings customers back.

Outdoor LED digital restaurant signage:

Dining customers today have countless options. Many consumers make impulse decisions for food purchases while driving by and noticing specials on the restaurant’s signage. Restaurants have to stay current by offering fresh, new items on their menu. The easiest way to broadcast new menu items is by using digital signage to reach out to consumers driving by their locations.

Show everything that’s inside your restaurant to the outside world! Advertising a variety of meals in full-color is a fantastic way to maintain your customer base. With digital LED signage, for instance, you can advertise by the time of day with coffee specials in the morning, a combo menu during lunch, and snacks for the late night crowd.

We can even help you incorporate video animation if you want messages on your sign to really stand out to foot traffic or as eye-catching roadside advertising. Our lighted signs featuring short animations with timely content can attract the attention of motorists and pedestrians both. You can use pre-made content from our library of images or import your own videos, and we will help fully comply with the guidelines of your local zoning ordinances.

Amplifying engagement with your restaurant and its unique menu offerings can ensure customers will be back. 


Our partner, Watchfire, a manufacturer of digital signs and custom signage, empowers businesses with the most technologically advanced digital signage available. Together, we build custom signs that look great, last long, and send the right messages to the right audience at the right time.

Every Watchfire sign begins with our world-class engineering team that designs our products to withstand the harshest environmental conditions any electronic component could be exposed to. Our in-house design and process engineers work closely together to simplify connections and components, boosting quality and reliability while reducing the opportunity for failure. We practice what we call “elegant engineering” — designing and implementing the most effective, streamlined processes to create the highest quality LED signs available.

Our people build the kind of custom signs that help you build profits.

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How Much Will a Digital Sign Cost?
It's More Affordable than you think

We believe in creating the best, interactive, user-centric digital signage solutions that meet your exact brand requirements and exceed the expectations of everyone. We know business, and we will help you create the best business signage for your dollar.

All of our solutions are designed and custom created with your commercial business sign needs in mind.

We Are Business Sign Makers Serving Maine and New Hampshire.
Your Message is Our Specialty.

We work with customers across New Hampshire and Maine to help get their message out, including custom indoor and outdoor digital signs, full color product video signboards, electronic billboards, gas price signs, sports video displays, daily specials signage, digital clock signboards, temperature displays, and fixed-digit scoreboards in all lines of business:

  • Municipalities and State, Town and City Governments
    Town Landmarks, Announcements, Signs, and Displays
  • Public and Private Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and High School
    Entrance Signs and Indoor and Outdoor Scoreboards
  • Sports Complexes and Arenas
    Scoreboards and Digital Video Displays
  • Auto Dealerships
    Dynamic and Programmable Digital Signboards and Commercial Outdoor Displays
  • Jewelers and Jewelry Showrooms
    Striking Vivid Color Video Displays and Business Signage
  • Banquet Halls, Food Courts and Restaurants
    Digital Menu Boards, Wine Lists and Indoor or Outdoor Business Signs
  • Coffee Shops and Fast Food Franchises
    Digital Menu Displays, Specials Signs and Branded Video Advertising
  • Hospitals, Clinics and Health Centers
    Indoor Way-finding Signs, Digital Displays and Outdoor Custom Signs
  • Churches and Other Places of Worship
    Outdoor Signs and Programmable Digital Daily Bible Verses or Announcements
  • Hair and Nail Salons, Barbers, and Day Spas
    Beautiful Full Color Signs and Specials Boards
  • Hardware Stores and Lumber Yards
    Indoor and Outdoor Signage
  • Convenience Stores and Filling Stations
    Outdoor Signage and Digital Gas Price Signs
  • Retail and Warehouse Stores
    Video and Digital Commercial Signs
  • Colleges and Universities
    Welcome Signs and Outdoor Entrance Landmarks
  • Transportation Centers, Airports, and Parking Facilities
    Indoor and Outdoor Custom Signage for Directing Traffic, Announcing Arrivals and Displaying Safety Messages


40 Summer Street Bangor, Maine
53 Technology Lane Conway, New Hampshire